Our Team

The first seed of Six was initially planted by Craig, many years ago. As both the founder and constant MD, Craig’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen the company grow and adapt over the years.

A beancounter (CA) by trade, having completed his articles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he prefers not to be defined by this but tends to let his creativity do the talking, but keeps his focus on the ‘business’ side of our business.

His passion for business is paralleled with that of his family, spending time

If there’s one thing Greg can do (apart from wear a good suit really well) it’s turn the boring and mundane into a giant WOW. He has a knack for discovering new ways to solve old problems, challenge convention and communicate complicated material in an easy and engaging way.

With his ability to understand client needs and what clients want to achieve – as well as the clients themselves – he is a born team leader. He somehow manages to balance our creative concept development with absolutely precise execution.

An avid runner, F1 enthusiast, golfer and germaphobe, you’re unlikely to find him getting his hands dirty – unless it’s in the boardroom.

Currently based in Vancouver, Lee spent many years learning the nuts and bolts of her craft. With a Bachelor of Journalism, a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, along with two animation courses from the School of Motion, she is a force to be reckoned with. And, with 16 years of video editing, producing, and directing experience, she has mastered the art of project management and communication.

As the head of our Canadian operations, she wears more hats than a cabaret dancer in June – and twice as well. She develops new business, new concepts for clients, and manages them with a passion that only deep experience and dedication can offer.

Lee is an expert in every sense of the word, if you want the job done she is the one who will make it happen. Just don’t eat any bananas near her; banana peels are her kryptonite.

Ryan, our Head of Animation, earned a BS in Information Technology (also, ‘BS’, if you ask us) before deciding to spend his life more fruitfully, by perfecting the art and the science of animation. 16 years later, he doesn’t regret a thing. Neither do our clients. 2D, 3D, character, explainer animations, avant-garde motion graphics – there’s little he cannot do.

He thrives on constant change and continual challenge, which keep his creative edge as sharp as we need it to be.

For some reason (and we suggest you ask him) he lists the ‘ability to cure leopards’ as one of his super-powers, but from what, and why, we have no idea. He also has great hair.

Karen may be quieter than many of the Sixers, but do not mistake that calm facade for passivity. Behind it churns the pensive mind of someone absolutely fascinated by efficiency, and mesmerised by the minutiae of the smallest details – if you are looking for someone to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, Karen has probably already done it.

As the head engineer of the financial engine room that powers the Six mothership, you’ll often find her soaking up the glow of her monitor, long after the lights have gone out. We would be absolutely lost without her hallmark perseverance and her punctuality. Financial management, client liaison, supplier port-of-call; there is little that sits outside of her jurisdiction.

Craig worries she can read minds. The rest of us don’t even want to think about it.

With a background (and 20-years experience) in high-end design, and the role of Head of Marketing for a major educational group, Emma is kind of a big deal. She has a certificate in digital marketing from The Red And Yellow School of Advertising and …a Bachelor of Arts in Graphics Design.

Carved from stone and forged in the all-night fires of agency life, Emma can organise, stay calm and still drive new customer business while under immense pressure. Her managerial style (firm, but nurturing) and ability to multitask are traits many envy. She lives to make our staff and our customers shine – internally and publicly.

You might catch Emma cycling long distances.

If you’ve met her, you’ve heard her ask, “I don’t want to show you how to do that, but can I show you the right way?”

As the Head of Production here at Six Degrees, Bongani is our team’s Snacker of Carrots and Traveler-of-the-World-Through-The-Internet.

Bongani took Media Studies at the University of Johannesburg, where he gained the ability to create the stunning videos and graphics that many of our satisfied clients have said add a “seventh-degree” to what we offer.

Through him, our customers and clients gain access to countless invaluable figures and statistics. Like how many carrots it takes to turn a man orange. Or how many workouts per week are needed for him to gain weight.

He always has a smile on his face and thoroughly enjoys meeting the many different characters that come along with working in the world of video production.

Well studied, this talented editor has an impressive National Diploma in Interior Architecture and a BA in Production Design. In fact, it’s this hunger for knowledge that carried her right through our doors.

Bernadette is a self-proclaimed clean freak and planner extraordinaire and her organised nature leads her to be proactive and eager to learn more and ensures she never misses a (literal) beat in any of her edits. And, while you may not think so, she’s a deft hand at both party planning and party-enjoying – as long as the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

When she is not working she can be found on the beach, outdoors, or indoor wall climbing.

Candice is our ‘cultivator of kindness’, melding her innate positivity with eye-catching design execution.

She cultivated her abilities designing for some of the biggest names in the industry, and her experience shows through. Whether she’s working with a large corporate CEO or the owner of a small business, Candice handles everyone with the care and respect she knows they deserve – making sure each individual person she works with gets the best.

She works with a diverse roster of customers in all sorts of different industries to create some of the best creative design solutions you’ll see today – presentations, PDFs or professional leave-behinds.

You’ll most often find her dancing, travelling into the bush to photograph wildlife, advocating against the use of bubble gum in public spaces, or at home with her recent bundle of joy!

With diplomas in Hospitality Management and Graphic Design, Dani is primed with two unique skillsets, which allows her to manage her work and teams both hospitably and with a bit of fresh perspective. And, sometimes, Culture Club’s ‘Karma Chameleon’.

(Also, believe it or not, she has the ability to consume an entire bag of wine gums in 5-seconds flat and to fix anyone’s computer from absolutely anywhere in the world.)

When she’s not designing world-class graphics for world-class companies, you’ll find Dani horseback riding, mountain biking, scuba diving, and speaking numerous other languages at the same time!

Like the majority of weeby animators, Zane watches anime and plays video games in his spare time – of which he has rather little. He’s always at work, even when he’s not at work, and is constantly learning. It’s one of the reasons it’s almost impossible for him to miss a deadline.

With a background at the School of Motion and 4 years of work experience, one of Zane’s biggest assets (especially for one so fresh) is that he always goes over and above what is asked of him, and learns something new every day.

He loves using his talent (animation, not Horizon Zero Dawn) to tell stories – as you’ll find out – and does a cracking good job at it. Considering how far he’s come in a remarkably short time, we expect great things from Zane.


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